Missing snapdeal employee back to home

Missing snapdeal employee back to home – Abducted Snapdeal employee returns home, no physical assault traced 24-year-old Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna, who was allegedly kidnapped from Ghaziabad on Wednesday night, reunited with her family on Friday.Divulging the details, Ghaziabad Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dharmendra Singh said four boys abducted the girl in an auto-rickshaw, and blindfolded her. He added that Dipti has not been subjected to any physical assault. Her father said Dipti called me at 7 a.m. from New Delhi Railway Station and told us that she was safe and asked them to pick up her from Vaishali metro station.

Missing snapdeal employee back to home

Missing snapdeal employee back to home
Missing snapdeal employee back to home

Every day, Narendra Sarna would receive a decision from his female offspring Dipti, asking him to come back decide her up. He received the same invoke weekday morning, once she asked him to select her up from the Vaishali railroad line station. however this decision from Dipti, made up of AN unknown range at six am, was completely different. it absolutely was the primary time Narendra had detected from Dipti in over thirty six hours, when she went missing on her manner back home from work Wed evening.

Missing snapdeal employee back to home – “My daughter offspring has been therefore robust. In spite of being traumatised when such an occurrence, she was brave enough to inform American state that she’s going to return to Vaishali from the New Delhi train station. I asked her to attend at the train station and rush there. we have a tendency to additionally knowing the police and native administration. I cannot convey them enough,” aforementioned Narendra.

At 8.30 pm Wednesday, Dipti’s father was on his thanks to choose her up from some extent near the Ghaziabad bus stand once he received a telephony from her friend, alerting him that his female offspring could be at risk. “She had known as Maine at seven.42 pm Wednesday, informing Maine that she reached Vaishali railway station. At 8.17 pm, she known as Maine a second time when she reached Hindon Bridge, asking Maine to come back choose her up from close to Krishna Hospital,” aforesaid Narendra.

An government at Snapdeal’s legal department for over Associate in Nursing year, Dipti would take the underground from Gurgaon until Vaishali each day. She would then get into a share auto-rickshaw from Vaishali underground station and travel until a spot close to Krishna Hospital, from wherever her father would decide
her up.

Sometimes, her father would choose her up directly from the railway line station.Missing snapdeal employee back to home

On Wed evening, however, Narendra received a telephone from Dipti’s friend World Health Organization aforesaid his girl can be in peril. “Dipti had been reprimand her friend once she screamed and therefore the decision got disconnected,” aforesaid Narendra.

Since Wed night, nearly two hundred police personnel, at the side of Dipti’s family and friends, had been checking out her in and around Ghaziabad.

After receiving news about her return, friends and family members gathered at the Sarna’s Kavi Nagar residence in Ghaziabad.Missing snapdeal employee back to home

But Dipti remained indoors most of the time, only stepping out with her parents and policemen to visit a hospital, where she underwent a medical examination. She was also taken to the Raj Nagar Extension area, where the incident took place, to identify some spots.

On Friday afternoon, when Narendra tried to wake his sleeping daughter up, she urged him to let her sleep.

“She has not slept in the last two days. Every time someone tries to ask her about what happened, she starts crying. Apart from giving her statement to the police in the morning and a brief account of the last two days to us, she has not spoken about it. We are just grateful that she has come back safe. She was not harmed physically,” said Vandana, Dipti’s mother.